Visions of Terror and Bliss

by The Coltranes

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released January 21, 2012

Recorded and Engineered by Alex Pappas
Released on vinyl by Shogun Records



all rights reserved
Track Name: Gutter Butter
Shape of silver fades away,
lifting up the face turns grey.
See the pain I felt inside,
shake the salt inside your thighs.

Who's the ghost,
back and forth?
Turn to toast,
and I'll pave the way in gold.

Felt the dog with missing eyes,
saved the silk and saved the prize.
I could touch that dog some more,
and fucking kill the void i'm sure.
Track Name: D.B.D.A
Black obelisk, tower over me.
Must I take the risk and climb absurdity?
Destroy your body and die alone.
Caught up in a storm; the cross hairs of the sun.
Taking every form, humanity is shunned.
Destroy your body and die alone.
Track Name: Haunted
Pushed through my burning nest,
a rumble in my mangled chest;
to signify my love, but then
oh my god,
I'm home.

And these sinking cysts implore,
that my bones will hit the floor.

Under our years of bane,
wrapped me up in cellophane.
Waiting till the world begins
to tear my flustered lust again.

Hope is my second word,
lay me down on sheets of herb,
rip my fucking insides out and
choke me with my vitals
and plant me in the sand.
Track Name: Skullfuck Island
I came forcing, plunging
myself in to dirt.
I left their eyes to satirize
climactic birth,
that widened and spilt out
a river of guts,
that made the eyes dilate
and river run with rust.

I knew that the tide would
soon begin to turn,
and bring and emptiness
that made my stomach burn,
and swell up, retreat in to
It spits black out on the ground.

I left my little toy
with fear and sounds of lore,
I left him once again.
And I left my little joy,
with fear and guilt galore.
I left my little toy.
Track Name: The Goddess Bunny
In the sun I saw,
a glimpse of what it is.
And then I fell apart,
and let it run its course.

I felt it in my loins,
I let it fill my bones.
It mended on the stone.

It was peeling and inside,
it festered and it cried.
It felt that getting old,
would stifle growth.

Back in the faith I saw,
four tons,
of what it is to fall.
Write it on the neighbors wall.

Johnny, won't you open your eyes.
Sally, your past is a lie.

wait until the fucking eyes split.
and the rotten gums and lips curl,
and fucking flood.
Track Name: Bland
I fell too hard,
I wished my dog could talk.
In pain, I love;
self-sufficient or not.

Raping lovers, breaking hands,
and hopeless bodies I can't stand.
I know that it might be bland.

I came, I stopped,
I felt my body drop.
In pain, I sought;
self-sufficient or not.

I came, I lost
my sanctity and cross.
Track Name: Boxcutter/Little Boys
I felt all the bliss you knew,
when I grow up I'm gonna look
like you.
Pig rots the rot gut glue,
let him bleed out, eat shit, look

And I knew the ground would fall,
if steadiness could stall.
And I've felt that it's the best,
to lift up from my chest.

It fell from the brazen branch,
that sizzles and sticks to the
young boys pants.
It tears through with a little pull,
and shaves the hair to feel the

Give me something I have never
seen before,
I need your skin on my skin
lying limp and on the floor.
How could you know who I am,
you've never seen my face.
The underlying rattling will
strike you in to place.

Fate won't be warded,
I felt it too.
When I fucked your little boys,
my spirit came in you.