Man With The Hat

by The Coltranes

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released October 31, 2013

Recorded by Patrick Capinding / Crisis Arm
Released on vinyl by Hip Kid Records
cassette tape by Not Punk Records



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sweet
Infatuation, the leaner meat.
Young feet are cleaner.
It's that sweet release.
Pain to remember most tender times.
Nothing can satisfy. Stay up all night.
It's in soil. This sea of bones.
I've know I've seen this place, looks just like home.
The pain it knew. It had a pulse.
I've been consumed with dirt. I'm cursed.

When I'm showered now it sears the eyes.
Excreting black between its holy thighs.
It's just a question of the ancient tide.
It learned to smother from the inside out.
Track Name: Man With The Hat
Tear the skin while it saturates and scolds.
Breathe fear while it tugs the organ sore.
Told the prayer that would linger and unwind.
It feels good to fantasize.

I'm underneath a house (This house)
This house where I was born (In this change)
My former body mourned.

and with the last breath being drawn,
it felt so jaded, it hadn't noticed that you'd gone.
It lived a lifetime without pain.
It kept those losses living.
It could recite them all by name.

It's been thinking as of the late of the perfect child and father it would make.
You're grown up. You're so strong and healthy.
I'd love to pull the eyes out and take them home with me.

Try to perpetuate this ageless game.
Try to rectify and never blame this blood-sucking faggot, learned to make it alright.

There's good times up ahead.
In my head.
Track Name: Ancient Tide
Release unholy contortion,
will harvest the eyes.
Picture your skin made of porcelain,
condition the hide.
This communion of incest.
Resurrection of worth.
Is this the rebirth of silence?

Ancient Tide
Sea of Light

A lesion violently pursed out.
It can replenish the chalice.
Trembling organs will satisfy.
It is the sutures of life,
that will be lost in time.

I have been mining for days.
It is so dark in this place.
It's the last of the phase.

Vacant sceptre in the final release.
It's the last known rites from the source of belief.
We are fucked come the spread of this woman in heat.
If we can keep this secret in the soles of our feet.
Track Name: Flesh Design
Amid the patience I helped bind a concentration to a flesh design.
A way to exercise your loins, while its spoiled. Live not to feed but to be born.

Enter light. Fuel for force. Joy of life.
Enter light. Fuel for force. Purest form.

Circumstances unfold.
Configurations are sold.
Just the condition you want.
It's worn to cripple and haunt.
Track Name: The Joy Of Life
Be received with a worthy score, a wishing well that might implore, the taste of violence.
But to believe in Elder God way, to reconcile your greatest place.
The chain that tightens.

Only time can please this one, the desire.
In spite of, the feeling of this cunt.
Just like fire, I wish that those colors would start to run,
and bleed together.

Fiends and urchins know relic lies,
to travel to the birthplace of my own demise.
An ancient thunder cast down through time.
I finally see the object of my own desire.