by The Coltranes

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released November 14, 2010

Recorded and Engineered by Ian Davis
Released on vinyl by Shogun Records



all rights reserved
Track Name: Recycle
Hey you fucking psycho, recycle.
You've been rambling for too long,
singing mother nature's song.
Green religion ain't my style,
green religion makes me smile.
Track Name: Play With Shadows
Your shadows casting on me,
it's getting too dark to see.
I stopped and turned to look,
and newsreels caught me like they should.
His eyes have sunken down,
they've took him back down town.
He was just standing there,
and now they've shaved off all his hair.

Monsters dance around, not only in your dreams.
This overworked production gives off more
than it may seem.
Lying in your bed, rancid splattered head.
God is just a fallacy we all know he is dead.
Track Name: Bone Suckin' Blues
You stand in God's hands,
his struggle, his land.
You see his body and his character has touched them.
But he refuses, to touch your bruises.
His lips are cracked and his mouth it fucking oozes.

It's getting plain, insufficient pain.
I'd like to be, cowardly and free.

His moral standpoint,
has grown a distance in between what you believe and your resistance.
And my dog bites, harder and cuts right,
in opposition to a woman in defeat's life.
Track Name: The Study of Blind Children
Who is the man in the black downstairs,
with a big brown tooth and a green eyed glare.
He settles his shit with a bottle of wine,
I'll take you to the back and make you mine.

I am just a fire god,
taking drugs and playing cards.
I am just like fucking god,
studying blind children in the dark.

Threw it in the face with the big fat lips,
and they got a little spooked,
cause he don't give a shit,
and he has a problem with people like you,
who don't see the man in the light like he do.
Track Name: Close Shave
Come on, maybe it's time to leave.
Make all your teachers get on their knees.
I'm sorry that I get weird with age,
it's probably because I have a damn close shave.

Pack up fast, get in your car.
I'm sure that hell isn't all that far.
How could you do this? Why can't you see?
It's your fucking cleansing that's done this to me.

You had them trapped, now it won't be long,
sisters and brothers go and sing your song.
Do a dance in the rain at night,
celebrate the lives and fallen soldier's cry.
Track Name: Black Disease and Cherry Trees
It's getting cold, I feel it in my bones.
I'm just a man who's scared when he's alone.
I can't forget the look on that man's face,
when he cut out my eyes and left me in this place.

How could believe in me?
An animal, not trustworthy.
The clout destroys you, it does seem,
you're only in my dreams.

How can you say, a dog will have its day?
You'd not believe, he's living far away.
Hanging your friends, and bleeding from his ears.
Spilling his guts and cowering in fear.
Track Name: Fight Your Friends
Look in to the eyes, of Jesus in the sky.
He's got the prize to stigmatize an eye.
Every man you see, has got the right to breathe.
He has the man inside his hand and eye.

This is not the end.
It is happening again.
I'll take your tongue, I'll take your friends.
This is the buffalo's revenge.

Wake up you liar,
your hair's on fire.