Never Sleep Again

by The Coltranes

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released July 11, 2012

Recorded and Engineered by Ian Davis
Released on vinyl by Hip Kid Records
Artwork by Tyler Spangler



all rights reserved
Track Name: Grease Spot
Once it was living like it never had before,
it's water lifted roots up through your floors.
Penetrated with force the strength of steel,
it's jaw was iron and it's body couldn't feel.

When they tried to push back what they'd seen,
it surfaced and ripped through them clean.
They'd reflect on how they felt,
and room would get hotter than hell.

Wish that things were just the way there were.
Too much inclusion makes the weight seem worse.
Push me down just like the atmosphere.
Just want something that I need to fear.
Track Name: War Stories
A pawn of chance had a heart attack
Everything that he ever wrote
Living through the irrelevant
Screams hard to his observant death
Eyes tear for his shadow has

And it’s hardening
And it’s hardening (like a rock)

We’re perceiving that pressure’s on
Work inhibits all my train of thought
Everybody had a broken nose
My phallic stance fell apart means nothing

Stomachs turning and my thoughts are yearning.
Too hard to bear.
Suffering has held me back from learning.
I'm losing hair.
Track Name: Last Living Animal/Seasick
Pulled through like ember waves.
It's just a matter of the face we take.
Improbable desire.
I like it so much it transpires.

Wrapped up like a newborn child,
in linens with exuberant style.
The feeling always resonates.
It's just a matter of the face we take.

I could be washed in blood,
bathed in jewels.
But my consistency is lacking.
I could be just like you,
hopeful too.
But my skin has begun cracking.

Wasted time it fades away.
And it filled me up like the newsreel I once saw.
Poured the cup, came untucked,
and remembered what I saw.

Cold, like never before.
Cold, so many chills I'm sore.

I hope that I can pull myself up and do it again.
I hope that I can keep my head up so that I can swim.
Track Name: Verklempt
Like the unseen far side of a place that you know,
it's moving further as you go.
An insurmountable wash-out,
left me regretful and shamed.
I could not recognize my gain.
If my heart would stop beating for just a moment or two,
I'd see reality unglued.
In retrospect I felt comfort,
when revelation ensued,
you will not feel me under you.

I've been patient for too long,
I crave to feel abuse.
I've been waiting my whole life for someone just like you.

Ocean water,
take my daughter.
My bones are not as strong.
My brain is fodder.

I'll keep moving forward,
two steps too far, I'm back.
I have abandoned my shell,
feel wind against my neck.
I think that I deserve this,
I've managed to maintain.
I'll pull your body closer,
to feel my curdled veins.

I'll live with absence of words,
and see through time,
they hold no satisfaction,
they're lacking real design.
I'll be reminded daily,
my conscience planted seeds.
No instinct to protect you.
Don't ask me.