The Cat of Nine Tails

by The Coltranes

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Pestilence sought to fulfill, will spoil and expire. Putrefy, yet the skin ferments like wine. But if to accord these sanctions of design, it will learn to spread like fire. Scar the temple, awaken and bind a new mind with a fresh hide. A precious stone that given fit time, a new home, and a defining truth. I felt it grow an unthinkable size. With help I know it will grow until dies.
Distant 01:56
This is the spectrum of color through static while the object is monochromatic. Break silence and break from the habit. It's the sign that there's nothing to match it. Without touch the swill won't reach the distant void. It's of concern that the penetration shall not be foiled. I will live on vacant sands where I hope to feel weight again. And I will rise from rotting shores to purge myself through the snow. The crisis is violent, it's smiling.
Pain magic will regress and will swill to improve the kind. Chain fastened, to expel and to bind with the second find. I could do it if I'd like, feel the skin of the wench with the leather thighs. I could do it if I tried, cut the cloth for the warmth of the worthy child. Fading is the name of the place beyond the grain. It's to be loved To believe or it's not to be loved. To be scared, it's to believe, or it's not to be there.
Parallels 03:27
Cut the eye with a tight strap, pouring over until the skin snaps. To forge the parallel, the white hag the undercurrent of the object. Stroke the mold, make it hard, keep it warm, spread it apart. See yourself through a vast shine generated from the first life. A face of color now the cells fry. The pain of lust for the the last time. Faint glimmer of the final plight. The resurrection, the first sign. The only thought to inhabit you, is of the shell that you once knew. While left alone topped with seven sheets of stone, it rubbed the bottom lightly, it felt until it groaned. And as it said, "It's to be stricken to this bed. The ocean won't devour, it just throbs until it's red." Ripened with ample size, satisfaction. Rejoice! This is the fabric of our lives. Tighten, member engorged, slicing. Bones, through the steady recourse. Gap unknown, between the fear and the stone. Embrace and approach, what's been solely ignored. To be scorned, is to be wasted and foiled.


SPHC - 52
now Out of Print but still available through various online distros.

"This is my favorite record yet by The Coltranes. Wild and free mutant sounds that bring to mind the strange psych-HC explorations of previous generations of Southern Cali freaks in a most enlightening/intoxicating manner....Surreal/anarchic art/auto-destruction mindsets! At any rate, grab this. The artwork is sick, the lyrics are sicker and the sound is outer spatial."


"How does one describe the Coltranes? They are a band that has routinely defied categorization, making the scene scratch our collective head while curling into a half smile and making a contented "hum". We struggled to think of what we could compare their first few LPs to. But why expend the effort? We know how the music makes us feel: freaky, dirty, deranged, cynical. We know how the music presents itself to us: unhinged, uncompromising, unpredictable, ugly. Each of the first three LPs found the Coltranes streamlining their style, becoming less moody and more aggressive, less dynamic and more noisy, less dark and more ugly. This EP continues with this trend, being the band's most immediate, rocking, and discordant work yet. Perhaps this is some melting pot of USHC and 90's noise rock influences.....but I prefer to just think of it as "freak music, by freaks, for freaks"

-Kamikaze Dan, SPHC

"California punk/hardcore/noise stalwarts The Coltranes have been quite prolific since their inception in late 2009. Along the way, they have evolved into a truely menacing force within the punk scene, playing volatile and energetic live sets that turn the heads of anyone who sees them.... The Cat Of Nine Tails is the band's latest 4 song EP, and continues down their own unique path of destruction that's also coupled with the best recording of the band to date.

-Toxicbreed's Funhouse

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released January 20, 2015

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Colin Knight
Artwork by Archie Fitzgerald


all rights reserved



The Coltranes Temecula, California


2008 - 2018

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